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Blue Town have developed the POWER UNIT LITE Battery Backed PoE pole mount power unit.
Indigobroadband is proud to be the primary distributor of this unit in  in Southern Africa. 


The PU Lite is a durable, power unit in a small form factor ideal for standalone outdoor Wi-Fi hotspots, cable modems, and security surveillance cameras that require PoE power with battery backup. is designed for “install-and-forget” deployments in remote areas and for operation under harsh environmental conditions It has 1 x 48V Dc direct output, 1 x 48V DC and 1 x 24V passive PoE outputs.  This allows flexibility to connect multiple devices with battery backup.


The battery power is unique in that is uses small Lithium Ion cells contained in the enclosure that looks like a Telecom box form the outside and not prone to battery theft.


POWER UNIT LITE has built-in IOT capabilities that will soon be made available including remote monitoring capabilities.


The versatility of this unit eliminates multiple points of failure with individual PoE units and at the same time provide back-up power in case of AC power interruption as well for night-time and bad weather autonomy when using solar power.


POWER UNIT LITE is designed for energy efficiency and compatibility with a wide range of solar panels, thus mitigating the emissions and air pollution caused by diesel powered connectivity infrastructure. Each POWER UNIT LITE saves

146.88 kg of CO2 emissions per year, thereby contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 7.

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Blue Town PU Lite 

Blue Town Solar Kit 

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