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Indigo Broadband SA

Indigo Broadband SA Pty (Ltd) is a broadband technology solutions provider and an active pioneer of TV White Space technology in Sub Saharan Africa. We apply appropriate Wireless technology to suit specific customer requirements 


Our Services
  • 45% of people globally and more than
    60% in Africa do not have access to Broadband Internet

  • “Broadband is the electricity of our age – 
    a fundamental prerequisite for full participation in modern life and a basic requirement for access to the economic and educational opportunities that make success and prosperity possible for individuals and communities.” – Microsoft Airband

  • Large gap between urban and rural connectivity –
    significant economic impact and great political risks

  • Existing technologies cannot provide cost-effective access

  • According to the Boston Consulting Group’s 2017 research, TV White Space is the most cost-effective technology to connect areas with population densities of between two and 200 people per square mile.

  • "Connecting the unconnected "

Our Services

Indigo Broadband takes wireless network concepts and turns them into commercial reality. Contact us to help you build, operate and manage your radio connectivity.

Radio Propagation Planning 

Indigo will work with you to ensure that your radio network is capable of delivering the availability of connectivity to power network services you across the terrain you're situated in.

Wireless Network Planning

Your network must connect, and stay connected. Indigo will help design the network, specify the hardware required and how it will be deployed – and managed.

IOT Solutions

The "Internet of Things" is a transformational technology using low cost sensors and actuators to bring real-time visibility into your operations. Indigo will connect your world to the Cloud. 

Satellite  Internet 

Indigo Broadband has a wealth of experience delivering solutions using a variety of satellite technologies to provide robust connectivity in under-serviced and remote areas.

Project Management 

With decades of valuable experience designing, 
deploying and managing radio networks, Indigo Broadband can coordinate groups of technical resources to ensure a smooth roll-out.


Ready to find out more?

Contact us now to see how Indigo Broadband can help you build the connectivity solution you need. From sourcing, importing and installing the best equipment to expert help in designing and planning new networks, contact us now. 

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