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Indigo Broadband have been appoint as Primary Partners for Indio Networks Solutions.


Indio Networks delivers next-generation networking solutions that help our customers unlock the power of Wireless, IoT and Cloud technologies for their business. Indio Networks (formerly Wifisoft) has been serving customers around the world since 2005. We bring unique blend of products and solutions that deliver right value at right price.

  • Enterprise Solutions

  • Highly Professional Staff

  • Telecom Solutions

  • Value Innovations

  • Public WiFi

  • State of Art R&D facility

  • IOT Solutions

  • Global Presence

  • Video Solutions

Take a Look at their range of solutions with the links below.  For Any Further enquiries please complete the form below and we will respond to you promptly. 

Products for the Next Generation

Telecom Solutions
IOT Solutions
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