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Wireless Broadband Solutions
for Your Industry


TV White Space technology extends the reach of the "last Mile"  to be able to connect farmers not only to the internet but also to their operations in the field. Connectivity can also be provided to enable  IOT applications for tracking and monitoring acitivities and livestock. .

Rural Broadband

TV White Space thrives in these developing and rural regions, as it is able to act as a backhaul to networks close by, utilise more open channels, deploy quickly even in difficult terrain, and utilise less equipment/infrastructure to provide coverage at further distances – saving customers money. Furthermore, TV White Space technology is not just limited to rural environments.

TV White Space technology provides an effective alternative to microwave by utilising the lower-frequency UHF signals that can penetrate obstacles and cover uneven ground without requiring additional infrastructure.

Due to low power consumption TV White Space can be easily power with renewable energy solutions making it most suitable for rural off grid areas. 


Providing connectivity to remote areas will offer the opportunity to connect Schools and early learning centres in rural communities 


Internet connectivity is desperately needed in under-served or unconnected areas to provide vital information services for medical care and support. 


TVWS technology is well suited for the harsh environments of opencast and underground mining applications. Due to the low frequency and the smart cognitive radio technology it is possible to reach uninterrupted wireless communication over longer distances than traditional  WiFi and wireless broadband technologies 


Government offices that delivery services to the population need connectivity to be able to function. TVWS can reach further than traditional microwave systems to reach remote Government officesto provide the essential internet and connectivity services 

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