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Why Choose Indigo Broadband SA?

1.  Access to Appropriate Technology

Indigo supplies technology from Carlson Wireless and AmmbrTech's Wifi Mesh, as well as satellite connectivity backhaul and GeoLocation Spectrum Database systems.

2. Technical Integration Capabilities

Indigo has had wide exposure to the application of TV White Space Technology in a variety of challenging RF environments.

3. Competitive Strengths:

  • Local expertise and field experience with referenceable trials

  • Advanced technology 

  • Competitive Pricing 

  • Type Approval with ICASA

  • First Vendor with Full integration to CSIR Geo-Location DB ( ICASA requirement) 

  • Early Mover

  • Multi-technology solution providers

  • Full end to end solution 

  • Business Modelling 

  • Network and RF Planning 

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