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Indigo Broadband is the Carlson Wireless authorised distributor for Sub-Saharan Africa

Carlson Wireless Technologies, the global leader in TV White Space technology, has developed RuralConnect™ that uses UHF TV channels to provide broadband data to remote areas. This spectrum provides deep coverage for long distance, non-line-of-sight (NLOS), Internet connectivity to under-served communities over hills and through foliage. Carlson also offers a range of radio products for high-capacity data and voice delivery, including the Trailblazer® and LongHaul™, which operate over microwave frequencies.

RuralConnect Gen 3​

Gen 3 is the best-in-class TV white spaces solution to deliver broadband to customers in non-line-of-sight and rural locations: through trees, foliage, and walls and over hills. Much more affordable than all wireline or wireless network options in the marketplace today. 

  • Great throughput & low latency for video streaming/gaming, VoIP and OTT TV

  • Serve up to 90 broadband subscribers on a single base station

  • Much lower NLOS build-out costs than 900 MHz, Fixed LTE or LOS networks

  • Large & ubiquitous NLOS coverage areas (10 to 40 km radius)

  • ETSI Certified 

  • CSIR GLDB Certified 

Customer Premises Equipment 

Base Station unit

What exactly is “TV White Space”?

TV White Space refers to the unused TV channels between the active ones in the VHF and UHF spectrum. These are typically referred to as the “buffer” channels. In the past, these buffers were placed between active TV channels to protect broadcasting interference. It has since been researched and proven that this unused spectrum can be used to provide broadband Internet access while operating harmoniously with surrounding TV channels.

In 2010, the FCC made this highly effective yet underutilized spectrum available for unlicensed public use. With the use of a database manager and a White Space radio, these channels can be used to access broadband Internet connectivity. 

In 2018, the Independent Regulatory Authority of South Africa (Icasa) published regulations to allow the use of TVWS systems in South Africa that meet ETSI (European Union 'CE Mark') equipment requirements and meet integration standards with the reference TVWS GLDB.

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